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Monday, July 20, 2009

soul to soul communication

soul to soul communication
On the other side or in the spirit world, all of us are connected to each other. communication in the spirit world happens through thoughts and that is why most people believe that thoughts are very powerful. while on earth also, souls have the capability to communicate with each other through the mind, which we call telepathy...sometimes it happens quite simply like u are really really thinking of someone special and he/she calls up that very moment.

i once knew a friend who had this amazing relationship with a guy and both of them seemed to be quite strongly in love...she told me that many times it had happened with both of them that one would msg the other late night and the other would sort of get a dream or very powerful thought in his/her mind saying chcek your msgs and that very moment they will realise they connected and it usually happened at precisely the exact in without any gap in the communication...i found this extremely amazing. souls are capable of communicating with each other thorugh thoughts, its just that the thought or the will to deliver that though has to profound enough and has to be through the soul

in the spirit world, souls have the capability to show each other in any form recognisable to the other soul. they can communicate in ways more powerful than what we can comprehend and a soul is always able to understand and receive every single message even while being surrounded by many other souls


  1. My best friend past away last year. I am able to communicate with her on a much higher level now that before.

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